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Pareidolia landscape made with acrylic and goldleaf on canvas. 20" x 20". This is a 100% one of a kind original painting. The stretcher bars on this particular painting are very slightly warped, but it can easily be framed. Price is discounted at $300.00 instead of $450.00 for this minor defect.

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About the Artist:

I am a professional artist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina with 10+ years of experience. I earned my BFA in Fine Art with a concentration in painting and drawing from Appalachian State University.

This piece focuses on the idea of pareidolia,  a psychological phenomenon involving vague and random stimulus that is perceived as significant.  Leitner compares the concept of this recent body of work with the leisurely activity of looking at the clouds and finding new shapes within them.  But instead of finding shapes in the clouds, Leitner finds new images and characters within the traditional landscapes and portraits that are his work. As the paint dries, he stares at a piece for hours until these characters appear to him.  Leitner then outlines and draws these images, revealing a once hidden world to the viewer.

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